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When in Thailand it’s all about white sandy beaches, bargaining, and food of course. That’s why I’d like to give you some recommendations of where to eat in Bangkok. I’m very lucky to have local people around me who take me to places I would probably never even think of going to.

First of all, you will want to try Thai food of course. The cool thing about Thailand is that very region has it’s specialties but to really experience that you should go to local markets and eat there. That is the best, cheapest and most authentic food you’ll get! Maybe it’s a bit weird to some people to eat at the street stalls because it doesn’t seem to be very aseptic but it’s so worth it! And I’ve actually never heard of anyone getting sick from there but rather from eating at a restaurant (tipp: be rather careful with oysters. There were several cases of food poisoning after eating them.). Try some of the freshly grilled fish, some Pad Thai, and papaya salad. It’s the best at these places! And if you can’t eat spicily don’t worry, just tell them and they’ll prepare it accordingly.

If you’d like to eat Thai food in a restaurant and with a modern touch I’ve got you covered.

Apinara – It is located at Central World and has a great variety of traditional Thai dishes with a modern twist. Try the mixed appetizer platter and some fried fish with a lot of herbs and pomelo, it’s delicious! You can reach it the best by taking the BTS to either Siam or Chit Lom.


Never Ending Summer – You’re a fan of modern architecture and love some good interior design? This is your place to go. The owner is an architect who changed this old warehouse to a modern restaurant but without losing the rough charm. They have a lot of traditional Thai dishes, even some which are very hard to find elsewhere. Try the Miang Kham appetizer plate and some soft-shell crab with curry.

Miang Kham Never Ending Summer

Miang Kham Never Ending Summer

Never Ending Summer

But the best way and most authentic way to eat Thai food is to order several dishes, put them in the middle and share.

But if you should crave some international food now and then, I got some recommendations as well:

Breakfast at Dean & Deluca – if you’re a pancake lover as I am, you won’t be happy with the lunch-like Thai breakfast options. That’s why I visit Dean & Deluca every weekend to get the more than delicious tropical pancakes. You’ll get them with a tropical Salsa, whipped cream, and maple syrup. I tell you, it’s like pancake heaven! I always go to the Central Embassy (BTS stop Phloen Chit) but they have several branches all over Bangkok.

Dean & Deluca Pancakes

El Gaucho – If you’re in need of a good piece of Beef, visit El Gaucho, an Argentinian Steak restaurant. And even if you have vegetarians traveling with, don’t worry because the side dishes are delicious too, like the cream spinach and the sautéed mushrooms. You can go there by BTS and get off at Asok.

Bei Otto – That’s the place to go to get some traditional German food. The waitresses wear a dirndl and they even play German music. Get off the BTS at Asok.

Bei Otto - German Food


Do you like the post? Have you tried any of the recommendation or do you have anything to add? Leave a comment! I would love to hear your opinion <3


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