Recap of one month in Bangkok

Koh Samet

Bangkok is a super exciting city and you can get whatever you want at any time. Especially when you’re young this is one of the places to be and that’s why I decided to come here and work for 3 months. It’s definitely a totally different culture to what I was used to and I needed a few days to arrive and until I started liking the city. But once you get along with its special character, you will love it here.

If I would have to describe the feelings I’ve had within the first month of moving to Bangkok, I would probably say that I felt excited, adventurous, sometimes lonely, that I had a lot of fun, was impressed by the love and loyalty to the king and religion, and that I’m amazed by the intense tastes of the Thai food. I guess that’s how most people would feel when they move to such different country.

I mean, I moved for one semester to Budapest before, which was also exciting and very different but due to Erasmus and studying in general I directly had contact with other people and made friends the first day. Here in Thailand it was a bit of a bigger deal since I moved in alone, didn’t know the language and most colleagues live outside the city. But I guess that are also exactly the experiences you grow from and open up even a bit more.

Colleagues of mine who have done this kind of assessment abroad before just stayed at home because they were afraid to get lost or didn’t want to go alone. But I didn’t want to be influenced by that, just stay at home with Netflix and watch how the time goes by. I decided that I would want to experience the country at it’s fullest, also if it means I’d have to go alone and find my way by talking with hands and feet. And I couldn’t be more excited about the things I’ve experienced so far. I went to several (night) markets, to an island which is mostly known only by locals, drank self-brewed mango beer, and made my first Thai friends. I also visited national parks and white sandy beaches, saw waterfalls, bathed elephants, made some more friends, and had a tropical all-you-can-eat buffet at a fruit farm.

Koh Kret Beer Brewing
Beer Brewing on Koh Kret
Elephants World
Feeding the elephants at the Elephants World Sanctuary
JJ Green
Thai BBQ at JJ Green
Muay Thai
Muay Thai live fight at Channel 7

So it’s honestly been a pretty awesome time so far and I wouldn’t wanna change a thing. I can only recommend doing it if you should get the chance. And for my one month anniversary, I decided to go to Koh Samet for the weekend. One Tipp in advance: take some good sunscreen with you! I burnt myself and it’s no fun at all haha. But other than that it was a very nice retreat for a weekend. It’s so easy to go there from Bangkok within 3-4 hours by one of the minivans or by coach and then take a ferry from Ban Phe which takes another half an hour. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to try the best brownies on the island from Rodger, a Canadian who owns the Red Ginger restaurant. But I guess that means I just have to go back because I could never resist a good piece of chocolate 😀

Koh Samet
Enjoying the Thai heat on Koh Samet

There are some exciting adventures about to come and want to be written about so stay tuned if you’d like to hear more about my trips and adventures 🙂

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