One day at a fruit farm – or as I would call it “heaven on earth”

Durian Fruit Farm Buffet

When my colleague told me about a possible day trip to a fruit farm I was somehow not so amazed at first. I couldn’t imagine why it should be so special, but as I heard you can eat as much as you want I thought why not. So on a Saturday, we went on a 4 hours drive down south to the local fruit farm in Suan Lamai. As we arrived I started realizing how huge this whole place is. It was also a really nice getaway from all the city chaos into a nice and green area with lots of hills and trees.

Durian Farm

I started to be excited about all the food. Their concept is to bring you to several stations where you can try different kind of fruits they grow on the farm. Which means if you love Thai fruits as much as I do, you will find yourself at heaven on earth called all-you-can-eat fruit buffet at one station after another 🙂 They had Rambutan, Mangosteen, Durian, fresh made Papaya Salad, and fruits I don’t even know the name of. So believe me when I say I definitely ate up those 450 Baht 😀

Durian Farm Shuttle

Durian Farm Fruit Buffet

Trying Durian for the first time was definitely an adventure. In Thailand it has the name “King of Fruits” but by foreigners is mostly called “stink fruit” because of its very intense smell. Everybody told me that I will most probably hate it because most travelers do and only Chinese would love it. But guess what, I actually think it’s not even that bad. It has a special taste and smells for sure but I expected way worse. Definitely worth the try!

All in all, I can definitely recommend going there to taste all the good Thai fruits and spend a day only with eating. I mean, who wouldn’t love that?!

Durian Tasting

Durian Tasting


If you have any questions or if there’s anything you want to say just leave a comment. As always I’d love to hear your opinion!

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  1. The picture where the rolling hills are behind you. Do you have a headache? I think if you eat more pancakes then your headache will go away. It always helps me 🙂

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