Local experiences in Bangkok – recommendations to make your visit special

Koh Kret Beer Brewing

If you move to a new city you will want to discover and get to know it. In the beginning, you will scratch the surface, visit the tourist attractions, and try to find your way through the new jungle. That’s how I started as well. Going from temple to temple, which is, of course, beautiful and important to understand the culture, but after a while, you also want to feel like arriving and make yourself comfortable with the new surrounding. That’s when I want to see special places mostly only locals go to. So that’s when I started doing a lot of research and asking all my colleagues what I could do that would be worth visiting. Now, after the first month, they’re starting to make fun of it that I’m almost more experienced in the Bangkok area than they are 😀

So let me tell you a few of my favorite local experiences and places I’ve been to so far in this area.

Watching Thai boxing live at Channel 7

Every Sunday, Thai boxing gets broadcasted nationwide on TV by Channel 7. You can watch the fights at any pub or at home or you can go to the Channel 7 studio and see the fights live! I took my chance and got to the real thing up close. It was my first fight experience and it was nothing less than spectacular, kinda brutal sometimes but definitely worth the experience. You could see the excitement of all the Thai people around shouting from the stand and cheering for their favorite one. Especially because they secretly bet between the rounds and wanna go home with filled pockets. And the best thing about it, the whole experience is free for everyone.

Muay Thai Live Fight

Muay Thai Live

Rod Fai Night Market 2

This is the newer of the two Rod Fai markets and is much easier to reach with public transportation. It was my first night market I’ve ever been to and I directly fell in love with it. At all markets, within Thailand, you can get everything your heart desires: clothes, makeup, tattoos, fake lashes, and so much good food. There’s really not much you can’t get. Don’t forget to test your bargaining skills when you’re there, it’s definitely worth a try!

Rod Fai Night Market

Local Food Rod Fai Night Market

Beer Brewing on Ko Kret

Ko Kret, or Koh Kret, is an island on the Chao Phraya river that goes through Bangkok. It’s a great weekend getaway for the local Thai people. I went to the island alone and left it with 10 new friends. I met them in a pub on the island, Chit Beet, where they learned how to brew their own beer. And as a proud German girl, I couldn’t resist joining as well for a bit. Next to that, I also tried the owners own brewed mango and lemongrass beer, so go there if you get the chance!

Chit Beer Pub Koh Kret

Beer Brewing Ko Kret

BBQ at JJ Green

This restaurant is great for good meat, fresh seafood and also suits veggie lovers due to the good stuffed all-you-can-eat buffet. We were able to choose what went on our grill and it was fantastic. Even drinks and Popsicle are included 🙂

And no tourists, just local Thai’s enjoying their weekend BBQ before going to the JJ night market.

Local Thai BBQ JJ Green

Local Thai BBQ JJ Green


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