How to travel on a budget

Budget Travel

Traveling on a budget does not necessarily mean that you have to miss out. Yes, certain things and activities cost a bit more but you can definitely save a lot during your daily routine wherever you are.

My first advice is maybe the most obvious – stay in hostels

Sure, hotels are nice and pretty cheap in Asia compared to almost every other destination, but in the long term, it will make a difference for sure. Maybe just stay in some nice hotel once in a while as a little retreat. Another big advantage is meeting new people, especially when you’re traveling alone. In 90% of the hostels I stayed in I met such cool people and directly went out on the same night. I even met my love in a small hostel in Taupo, New Zealand. Just be open to the idea and it will work itself out.

Eat in local markets instead of restaurants

It’s definitely the cheapest way to survive in Asia and you will taste so much amazing food! Get some locals to tell you what to try and keep your eyes open for regional specialties. It’s the easiest way to get to know the eating culture and the traditional food.

Local Market Papaya Salad

Local Market Mango Salad and Fish

Use public transportation

Of course, it’s more convenient to get to an island in 15 instead of 30 minutes, but is it really worth spending 10 times the amount you would pay for the public ferry. And to be honest, when you’re on a speed boat you don’t even really see your surrounding and taking pictures is nearly impossible. So rather go with the slow option like ferry or bus, enjoy the views and get to know some local people you share the ride with.

Local Boat to Koh Samet

Local Boat to Koh Samet

Now a special one for all my girls – Go shopping on local markets

In Asia, there are local markets around every corner, mostly during lunch or night time. Definitely, choose that option instead of the big shopping malls. Don’t waste your time and money, you can have that again when you’re back home every day of the week! And it’s so much more fun to stroll around the stands, bargaining for the best prices and getting some special pieces for very little money. Just yesterday I got three dresses for only 500 Baht which is only 13 bucks!

Market Shopping

Market Shopping


Do you find the tips helpful? Anything to add or do wanna know more about a special topic? Leave a comment and let me know!

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